About Us

About Us

Global construction industry adopted glass facades in place of generic cement structure, Arachitects came up with best designs with glass. However the matintainenance of the glass with high rise buildings is challenging involving expertise, huge enormous amount of water month after month & cleaning chemicals.

  • 3P Nanopac Pvt Ltd incorporated on January 2011 with an objective to offer Protect, Preserve and Presentation of building façade, shower & other interior glasses are manitained with our low maintainance solutions with advanced Nanotechnology products.
  • The company sources products from USA since 2012 to introduce their low maintainenace coatings for glass and other silica surfaces like, ceramics, quartz, granite. DFI’s coated building glasses ehances the LEED points as approved by USGBC.
Our Mission

Environmental Benefits

Building exteriors treated with 3p Shield require 50% to 90% fewer cleanings, resulting in substantial water savings and reducing the need for harsh chemical cleaning products. 3P Shield treated windows stay cleaner for longer, optimizing a building’s overall energy efficiencies and improving building occupier’s satisfaction. 3P Shield also protects exterior glazing from extreme etching, preventing costly replacement projects that ultimately contribute to landfills.

Soiling PV systems is one of the largest losses under the control of the system operator. However, solar panels treated with 3p Shield are easily cleaned of dirt and debris, thus ensuring a high-performing and energy efficient PV system.

The company offers onsite restoration solutions for existing glass surfaces such as façade, shower, window glass with 3P Nanopac’s restoration products which are green products.